What Is Insurance?


We are facing a health pandemic. Not just us in the United States, but all over the world. Things are uncertain and many of us have been caught off guard, fueling what can look like hysteria – a frenzy of buying disinfectants, packaged foods, and, for some unknown reason, toilet paper.

If we are fortunate, we will be able to look back on this time and say everything was an overreaction. But right now, there is massive uncertainty. How would we feel if we had prepared for this moment? If we had taken the insuring steps of having some basic supplies on hand?

Quite possibly less concerned. Not with the welfare of the population, but with our own needs. If our lives are organized in a way that considers uncertainty, we plan to have things like…extra canned goods, extra dry goods, a well-stocked freezer, a filled gas tank, a little cash on hand, basic medical supplies and…extra toilet paper!

To us, this isn’t wild-eyed, end of days stuff. It’s just insurance, which is what we’re all about. When we prepare properly, we can trust we’ve built a solid foundation of insurance and that will give us the piece of mind that allows us to stay calm in a sea of panic. Whether it’s having great coverage on our health, our home, our cars, our things or having a few extra cans of food, a first aid kit and, yes, some extra tp to cope with an unforeseen world event, insurance of all kinds is a great bargain. In fact, it’s an incredibly small price to pay for the calm in our homes and peace in our hearts.

And in fact, it’s incredibly easy to do when not in the middle of a world-wide health crisis. When it’s over, we have a huge opportunity to make sure we’re insured, and we’re not caught off guard again. Here at G.D. Herring, we want to be your partner in helping you prepare to protect your life from all the things that you can’t always insure for yourself. Let us know how we can help.


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