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GDH Research is an ongoing exploration and conversation about risk. We hope to conceptualize, assess and manage what might be the central concern of our shared life in this world. Whether it’s financial, entrepreneurial, spiritual or relational, risk is bound up in all of our choices and has immense impact, both obvious and subtle, in our days and our lives.

The Latest Show

The GDH Research podcast is made possible in part by RegenEn Solar. Serving the US mid-west and rocky mountain regions, RegenEn has been helping eliminate and reduce electric bills for

homes and businesses for over 12 years. Contact them today for a free customized quote on a solar panel system, battery backup or solar panel system maintenance. 

From Filmmaker to Solar-preneur with Greg Picard

Part one of our conversation with Greg Picard of RegenEn Solar delves into his first career in the film industry as a location sound mixer, breaking into the business, learning the craft, and his experiences on the hit series Grimm

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