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The Messy Middle

As humans, we tend to prefer the tidy ease of one approach, which can lead us to miss this important point. The “messy middle” is where most of the benefit and the fun – the good stuff – actually lies. In the tension.

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The Never Sell…

Milton expertly recounts his dive into the world of collecting, the late-night, all-consuming perusal of blogs, watching of video, scanning auction sites and dreaming of ownership and saving for the day. Which finally comes when he purchases his first luxury time piece, The Rolex GMT-Master II 116710BLNR, otherwise known as “The Batman.”

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Plan B

As we left the property, we talked more about “plan B,” and what it means. My husband spent most of his career in the film business, another arena where having a plan B can be a recipe for failure. In order to succeed at the professional level, in order to have a shot of making a living, there can’t be a plan B. There can’t be a “fall back,” because having one ensures that you will fall back.

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