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Classic Car Corner is a conversation about classic cars and the automotive experience. Join Jason Paynter, with co-hosts John Lockhart, and Eric Bensel and their special guests every week as they explore the world of classic cars. Why they love them, what they collect and how they enjoy them, including history, trivia and esoteric knowledge coming from decades of experience with these treasures. Both heartwarming and humorous, come in and enjoy the conversation!

Classic Car Corner


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A Revisit of the Influence of Cars in Music with Tim Hatzell!

At the height of the summer, we take a break for a rebroadcast of one of our most popular shows! Musician, and car enthusiast Tim Hatzell visits the Corner to discuss how cars have influenced music thorough the years. We review the origins of cars influence on music from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Tune in and join us as we reminisce the tunes we enjoy while driving.

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A Deep Dive Into Automotive History with Award Winning Author Mr. John Nikas

The Classic Car Corner welcomes Mr. John Nikas, founder of the British Sports Car Hall of Fame, championship-winning vintage race car driver and the Executive Director of the Madison Avenue Sports Car Driving and Chowder Society. John has won numerous writing and racing awards and currently authors several monthly columns for magazines around the world. He has written more than a dozen books and is a frequent guest at all manner of automotive events. In this episode, we talk about the evolution of cars, the race tracks he has run, and his Austin Healey. Join us for a fascinating conversation with a man who truly knows automobiles!

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Cars and Memories – Auto Memorabilia with Patrick Knight

Does anything spark a memory quite like the car of yesteryear? On this episode of the Corner, we have long time long time enthusiast Patrick Knight who has been working on cars since he was a kid. Patrick’s automotive background isn’t limited to mechanics. The depth of his knowledge on automotive history will absolutely astound! Our team was lucky enough to tour Patrick’s collection of memorabilia and we hope some of the awe and wonder we felt looking at these treasures comes through in the show! Listen in and be inspired to take your own trip down auto memory lane!

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Millennials are Collecting Cars Too! with Garrett Hoehler

We welcome Garrett Hoehler to the Corner, our youngest guest to-date, to discuss his car history and differences seen in todays generation of car enthusiasts. We confirm a myth regarding modern day auto theft control (otherwise known as the “stick shift”), and that this once standard feature is not only not common, but an option. Join us for a great conversation with a thoughtful up and coming collector, who points the way for us to understand the future of our beloved obsession.

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Telling Your Car’s Story – AutoBio with Katie & Paul Rooprai

The Corner welcomes Paul & Katie Rooprai to discuss their invention, AutoBio. This conversation will have you asking yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” many times over as they share their journey to create something that is enhancing not only car collecting, but also has multiple other applications.AutoBio Tags are a window cling that tells your car’s story on any smartphone. You can upload your photos, specs and write your story on autobiotags.com. Apply the AutoBio Tag inside your windshield and voila! Anyone walking by your car can scan or tap your AutoBio Tag and learn all about your ride. Car shows just got a whole lot more interesting!

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ECD Defender

An Electric Land Rover Defender, Customized for You with Tom Humble, Elliot Humble & Scott Wallace

ECD Automotive Design transforms Land Rover Defender into electric vehicles (EVs). The customization opportunities this company offers are virtually limitless. If you’ve ever fantasized about transforming a road raging classic into an EV, this is the show for you. Join the guys and the founders of this trailblazing company for a riveting conversation. Grab a pint, and enjoy!

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