Tuesday Night Fights: Ali v Frazier, 1974


15 rounds.

15 rounds where the bell signaling the end of the round seems never to sound and the time between the bells ringing in the new round is blindingly short. Seated in the corner, trying to recover, just witnessing these men willingly raise their great bodies should have us honoring them as a nation. To watch them fearlessly advance on one another for three seemingly endless minutes is to be humbled ourselves.

Frazier was a bull, charging at the great Ali every moment of this brutal contest. Frazier brought relentless savagery that only stopped when the bell rang. To see these two men box is a great a gift they have given us.Honor their courage and heart by pouring a glass of bourbon, turning the lights down low and beholding an epic battle between two of the greatest fighters in the world.


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