The Louisville Luxury Real Estate Market


My name is Ethan John Adams and I am a real estate professional from whom you will hear about the finest luxury deals on the market here at G.D. Herring. I will provide you with the information you need about markets all around the nation, as well as here in Louisville, Kentucky, to help you better understand the luxury real estate market.

In Louisville, the luxury market is a bit different but that speaks to the uniqueness of real estate markets. There is no single market. A property in Old Louisville, a horse farm or a home on River Hill – all are situated in their own distinctive markets and have their own idiosyncrasies. Here in Louisville’s luxury market, I’ll be focusing on land, character, and the history of the estate before looking at expensive amenities.

When I say Louisville’s luxury market is different, it’s unique to not only Louisville but the different neighborhoods within the city. In Louisville, the luxury market may not be as broad as other places. With Kentucky being one of the six most affordable states to live in, buyers will get more value for their dollar. For context, the luxury market in Louisville starts with homes at $600,000 and climbs from there. The average price per square foot is $225 and the average size of a luxury home will be around 3,885 square feet. When homes are priced right, our luxury clients are capitalizing at 95.65% of list-to-sell price ratio.

The Louisville luxury market is spread throughout the city and there are pockets all over town giving you a wide selection of neighborhoods and experiences to choose from. You can have a large, historic, private Victorian-style home located in Old Louisville or an Italian-style architecture home in the East End.

Historic homes abound in Old Louisville

We also have neighborhoods like Norton Commons, which are designed to create an immersive community with services, restaurants and entertainment within walking distance of their residence.

Enjoy an easy, walkable quality of life in Norton Commons

If we were to talk about the luxury of the rural country hills of beautiful Kentucky, our main focus will be historic land, the acreage, and the possibility of that acreage. If that’s horse farms, cattle farms, or perhaps just the privacy and a view, here in Kentucky there are endless possibilities. We truly have a diverse and exciting variety of choices here in Louisville and I am looking forward to showing you what we have to offer.


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