Announcing “Warp, Weft & Weave” – A New Book from Sam Ramazani

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G.D. Herring is thrilled to announce the publication of Warp, Weft & Weave: A Life Collecting and Investing in Handmade Rugs, by Sam Ramazani of Sara’s Oriental Rugs.

The book covers the basic knowledge needed to start a collection of authentic, handmade, Oriental rugs. Filled with stories from over 40 years in the business, Sam’s advice guides the fledgling investor through this fascinating, sometimes frustratingly opaque and often extremely rewarding market.

If you’ve ever considered collecting handmade rugs, but were intimidated, this is the book for you. Sam’s passion for teaching and for people comes through in these pages:

My favorite clients are collectors. I love when somebody not only knows about rugs but is as excited as I am about owning them. I’ve always tried to teach my clients who want to learn, and I think of myself as more a teacher than a merchant. I came to understand through my own experience with the rug market, when you start to learn even a little about the rugs – it doesn’t have to be everything – you begin to find well priced quality rugs.

The knowledge he imparts is priceless and will help any collector not only find those well priced quality rugs, but also fall in love with the process.

We are so excited and honored to have been a part of this collaboration with Sam, and are even more blessed to have, over this time, become Sam’s friend. Check back here for more from Sam, and for our future collaborations!


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