A Car Slogans Quiz For Some Start of Summer Fun

Our favorite car crazed classic car enthusiast Jason Paynter has created a car slogan’s quiz for all you classics fans. This post first appeared at the beginning of Summer 2020 and we thought it would be fun to bring it back as we head into the warm months of summer driving. Good luck!

The Classic Car Corner Car Slogans Quiz

Everyone remembers Ricardo Montalban and his Corinthian Leather Chrysler commercials right? So let’s go back in time and see if you can pair these slogans to the product. This is proof slogans do in fact work and can remain with you for a very long time. This should be a fun quiz for you! No Cheating! (Answers at the bottom)

1. The one to watchMercedes Benz
2. The Heartbeat of AmericaOldsmobile
3. Have you driven a _______ lately?Porsche
4. Think small Mazda
5. Oh what a feeling ___________!Subaru
6. We make it simpleRenault
7. This is not your father’s ________________Chevrolet
8. The ultimate driving machine!Jaguar
9. Isn’t that the kind of car America wants?Ford
10. Grab life by the hornsGMC
11. __________, there is no substitutePontiac
12. Only in a _______Toyota
13. Grace, space and paceHonda
14. We are the competitionBMW
15. Zoom – ZoomPlymouth
16. Unlike any otherFerrrari
17. Innovation that excitesJeep
18. We are professional gradeNissan
19. We build excitementSubaru
20. Confidence in motionDodge

Automakers spend nearly $15 billion on digital advertising alone. Manufacturer’s are always seeking creative ways to capture the attention their customers shopping for what is likely the second most expensive purchase they will make. Given the competition, slogans and or mottos are critical in delivering a compelling and memorable message. One of the best ads I remember was for Porsche 911:

“It’s about as fast as you can go without having to eat airline food”

I love it! Happy Motoring from G.D. Herring.


1. Renault 5. Toyota9. Plymouth13. Jaguar17. Nissan
2. Chevrolet 6. Honda 10. Dodge 14. Ferrari 18. GMC
3. Ford7. Oldsmobile 11. Porsche 15. Mazda 19. Pontiac
4. Volkswagen 8. BMW 12. Jeep 16. Mercedes Benz 20. Subaru


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