Trying To Understand Infinite Banking

“People just don’t play their proper role in the scheme of things. They have abdicated their opportunity/responsibility as it pertains to the banking function in the economy. They are depending on someone else to perform that job–and that character in the play is making most of the money!”

Nelson Nash

We’ve talked a bit about Whole Life Insurance and, while it’s seemingly not as glamorous as Classic Cars, Oriental Rugs or Luxury Watches, it’s actually a very exciting subject. Primarily because it’s a suitable product to create an Infinite Banking System.

The Infinite Banking System is most closely associated with Nelson Nash, and his book is great. But I’ll be honest – it’s not easy to understand in one go. Our traditional banking system isn’t easy to understand either, even though it might seem easy. If it were, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t constantly have issues with banks on the verge of collapse.

So it’s tempting to read through Nash’s book, through up our hands and say “I can’t get that!” Which I think is a real loss. So in the interest of not being defeated by a subject, we found this short video:

This video is far too short to fully explain banking or the Infinite Banking System, but it helps get the mind started, which is all we need to start to understand. In particular, note the interest rate spread between the deposited money and the loaned money. It looks like it’s 16%, but it’s actually magnitudes greater.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll share more articles and videos that break this concept down into smaller ideas that are easier to comprehend and try to demonstrate how powerful the Infinite Banking idea can be for anyone. In the meantime, it might be good to ask a question – banking is so hard for us to understand, is it equally as challenging for the people in the banking industry understand it?



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