The Rolex Befitting a Lady

We’ve gotten a little watch crazy around here, and looking over our last few timepiece pieces, realized they have all essentially been geared towards men. While yours truly, who is a woman (and was just yesterday paid the high compliment of being called “young lady”), has been known to sport a more masculine wrist clock from time to time, just a quick read through this excellent ladies’ watch buying guide from Bob’s Watches Blog illustrates how much a watch that is crafted for a lady will suit her. At the end of the day, we are different by design and when our clothing, tools and adornments are designed specifically for us, there is great benefit.

I’m partial here to the Oyster Perpetual.

This simple watch looks remarkably like my everyday Timex (which I love), but it’s clear just from the photos, that the two are very different in substance and quality.

I’m also drawn to the Vintage Collection.

Scrolling through it is like looking through an historical look book, and it’s fun to imagine the different stylish ladies who wore these pieces.

I particularly like the image of the vintage watch modeled. The photo makes it clear why it matters that we port things specifically designed for us, whether we are a man or a woman. While everyone makes his or her own style, this gorgeous watch would look silly on James Bone. Likewise, his beautiful Omega would goofy on his lady.

Which reminds me of a story – recently, my husband kindly wanted to give me one of his smaller watches so I would have a nice timepiece of my own. I wore it for half a day, when he looked at my wrist and shook his head. We both at each other and said “no.” It wasn’t the right watch for me. It just didn’t fit.

Wear what you will, and wear it well!




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