Tuesday Night Fights: Frazier v Forman

I was going to watch the second of the three legendary fights between Joe Frazier and Mohammad Ali, but this match between Joe Frazier and George Forman must be seen. The Frazier v Foreman battle took place between those two contests, with Frazier a 3:1 favorite with the book makers. I’d like to write more […]

Tuesday Night Fights: Ali v Frazier, 1974

15 rounds. 15 rounds where the bell signaling the end of the round seems never to sound and the time between the bells ringing in the new round is blindingly short. Seated in the corner, trying to recover, just witnessing these men willingly raise their great bodies should have us honoring them as a nation. […]

Tuesday Night Fights: Wilder v Fury, First Fight

Heart and courage, things we can all appreciate. This is the first Wild v Fury fight from December 2018. It’s amazing what these men can endure And what they still have in them after it’s all said and done. The last couple of minutes is worth the whole