“Warp, Weft & Weave” – Now in Paperback

G.D. Herring is thrilled to announce the paperback arrival of our latest collaboration with Sam Ramazani of Sara’s Oriental Rugs, Warp, Weft & Weave: A Life Collecting and Investing in Handmade Oriental Rugs to Amazon. Filled with stories from over 40 years in the business, Sam’s advice guides the fledgling investor through this fascinating, sometimes […]

Maintaining Your Oriental Rug: Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning poses one of the biggest challenges for rug owners, especially for people who have children or pets. Do you know what to do if a Coke spills on one of your rugs? Most people think to get a towel and start blotting it. This is actually the worst thing to do; blotting fabric, […]

Maintaining Your Oriental Carpet: The Rug Pad

Padding keeps your rugs from slipping, which keeps you safe Poor quality padding is a breeding ground for moths Not having padding on a hard floor can destroy your rugs Today I’m talking about something that a lot of people don’t give much consideration to when they purchase a rug – the rug pad. This […]

Maintaining Your Oriental Carpet: Vacuuming

Oriental rugs need regular vacuuming Care must be taken with the vacuum or it can destroy the rug When damage is done with a vacuum, it’s best to repair it immediately I have had a lot of clients ask me, “is it ok to clean my rugs at home with a vacuum?” My answer? Yes, […]