Do I Need Special Insurance For My Classic Car?

In talking to people who are timid about purchasing a classic car, I’ve found most non-collectors are concerned about excessive insurance premiums. No one likes the idea of adding a car to their insurance policy. Another expense added, and on something you may never need. Honestly, I hope this will be your case, but in […]

Long Volatility and Alternative Assets

Today’s post is a bit different than our typical content. But as a provider of insurance and information for your alternative assets, we think this conversation with Chris Cole of Artemis Capital Management is required listening. What Chris has to say is relevant not just to your equity and bond portfolio, but your entire life […]

What Is Insurance?

We are facing a health pandemic. Not just us in the United States, but all over the world. Things are uncertain and many of us have been caught off guard, fueling what can look like hysteria – a frenzy of buying disinfectants, packaged foods, and, for some unknown reason, toilet paper. If we are fortunate, […]