Firearms As Legacy

The good people over at “Ask a Prepper” have put together some ideas and information about firearms to leave to our children. Some have financial value, some have sentimental value and there is the consideration of future accessibility. All things to consider as we work towards our best lives now, and at the same time […]

Review of the CZ Bobwhite G2

An in-depth and raving review of the CZ Bobwhite G2 side by side. The 20 gauge is perfect for a small person like and it’s quality-for-the-dollar pricing of  >$1000 is very attractive.

Sage Grouse Hunting

I’ve always been fascinated by hunters. I love the way they talk about their dogs, the land and their admiration and respect for their prey. This short film from Project Upland shows how men are bound together by this tradition passed on through generations. At it’s heart, it shows what masculine love is; strength, protection, […]