Learning the Oriental Rug Market

When I started in this business, the Oriental rug business, I didn’t know the market. I didn’t know the prices. I knew a lot about rugs, about how they were made, but I didn’t know the value, how to price them. That was something I had to learn. My first few rugs, I didn’t make […]

Coming Soon…

A new series featuring life-long rug collector, appraiser and broker, Sam Ramazani of Sara’s Oriental Rugs. Stay tuned!

Announcing “Drop, Throttle, Oversteer” by Jason Paynter

G.D. Herring is thrilled to announce the publication of Jason Paynter’s new book, Drop, Throttle, Oversteer: Collecting & Investing in Classic Cars, on sale now at Amazon! We are delighted to finally share with you what has been agonizingly difficult to keep under wraps. Now the day is here! After months of hard but fulfilling […]

Keep It Clean!

Keeping your car clean is key to making it the envy of the road. I give all the cars in my collection a regular hosing with water or just a good wipe down with a damp microfiber towel to keep them dust free. Dust and dirt can compromise paint and this five-minute task can easily […]

The Car Collector Meetup (‘Rod Runs)

Here locally, down by the river, is a restaurant that has an exceptionally long parking lot. And in that parking lot, every second Saturday of the month (weather permitting), you will see all sorts of rare, unique, exotic and custom built cars. To the eye, this is a real “movable feast.” But equally as splendid […]

Avoiding Bad Deals on a Classic Car (So You Can Find a Good One!)

So you’ve decided you want to take the plunge and start collecting cars…first, welcome to the club! This is an exciting, fun and very satisfying activity. I think you’ll love it. With anything like this there is always “the big question” – how do I steer clear (no pun intended) of a bum deal? This […]

Why Collect Classic Cars?

Why does someone collect classic cars? My simple answer is – an appreciation! Let me elaborate. I’m not talking only about appreciation in value, although it’s nice to see the rise in values that has happened over my lifetime. But for me, there is an appreciation of the men and women who designed, tested and […]

My First Time – The 1965 Mustang

I’m busy! Really busy in fact. Far too busy to make my dream of starting a classic car collection into a reality. Or so I thought. But on November 1, 2007 that all changed. I bought my first – a 1965 Ford Mustang. It was a big step. And I’ve never looked back. I bought […]

A Love Letter to the Classic Car

There is something about it. Let me explain. When you take ingenuity and combine it with design, engineering, styling, power, mix in some physics and all you have to do is simply add gas, then you truly get an all-in-one package – a chromed out, two-toned, tail-finned classic car. Most Americans have a love affair […]

The Infinity Bottle

I love the infinity bottle. I grew up during a time when nothing was wasted. An infinity bottle is a way to use everything in your liquor cabinet and make some of the best spirit you’ve ever tasted. It’s very simple – take whatever “ends” of bottles of the same liquor you have on hand […]