DeLorean – From Pontiac to “Flux Capacitor”

A Detroit, Michigan native, John DeLorean began his career first at Chrysler then at Packard. Later, he started working at General Motors and during his time in management, led the Pontiac GTO, Grand Prix, and Chevy Cosworth Vega teams.

Jaguar – The “Leaper”

What started out in 1922 as British production of a motorcycle sidecar would later evolve into the company we now know as Jaguar. Swallow Sidecar Company was founded by two men, William Lyons and William Walmsley. Later Walmsley was bought out by Lyons and the company was renamed S.S. Cars Limited, but it wasn’t until […]

ALFA Romeo – “The Family Car that Won Races”

Known in the 1950’s as “the family car that wins races,” Alfa (A.L.F.A. for Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili) Romeo has long been a staple in the market of automotive sports cars. The English translation of anonima is anonymous. That’s just how Alfa began, by an anonymous pool of investors who in 1910 purchased a failing […]

The Mark of a Porsche

Before the Porsche company was even created, Ferdinand Porsche pioneered the P1 Porsche, (P1 standing for “Porsche #1”) in 1898. As the first Porsche ever built, “P1” was engraved on many of its parts, ensuring authenticity. A little known fact; the inaugural Porsche was actually the first hybrid auto with combined electric and gas motors. […]

Crypto Collectables?

We think this article from Decrypt describes a very interesting development in the universe of alternative assets.

Plymouth Valiant Scamp

What happens when you add Cragar wheels to a stock Plymouth Valiant? We’ll let you decide! Deemed the “indestructible” engine, this spritely Plymouth Scamp is powered by a 225 Slant 6 and is paired with about the smoothest shifting three speed automatic transmission I have witnessed. This 1970’s Chrysler version of an “economy” car demonstrates […]