Selling Puts

As I thought, the option I sold on Realty Income (ticker: O) got called. Let me explain what that means. I was forced by contract to sell 100 shares of O at $77.50 per share, when the stock was trading much higher. I’m not happy about getting called, but this gives me a chance to […]

Single Malt Scotch Laphroaig 10

It’s a cold, wet, wintery night, so my gentleman friend and I decided to have a special drink. Laphroaig 10 year is a scotch whiskey from the Islay region of Scotland (I like to pretend it’s hard to find). These are whiskies known for their rich smokiness, which is a lovely thing to enjoy by […]

Selling Calls

I’ve always loved the stock market, particularly when it pays me. Dividend stocks have been the bread and butter of my life. When I discovered I could bring in a little more money by learning to trade options, I was excited to give it a try. An option is essentially insurance on the price of […]

Do’s (and Some Don’ts) For Grown Men

I’ve always loved a well dressed man and I couldn’t agree more with Ashley Weston’s styling video for fashionable men over 40. These stylists are rather opinionated about what a “mature” gentleman should not be sporting. Specifically: – No leather jackets – No distressed clothing – No logos (particularly on tees) I have to say […]