Classic Car Storage

While the summer days might not always turn our minds to storage like the winter does, the long hot sunny days are just as important to consider when protecting your cars as the harsh cool ones. Our own Jason Paynter, host of the Classic Car Corner podcast, has a few ideas here for storing your precious classics no matter what the season!

How do you store a classic car? As with anything of value, carefully. If you’re like me, you’ve put a lot of resources into your collection, including money, attention and time. Classic cars are special, and while you can certainly use these guidelines in storing any car, these are my non-negotiable storage requirements for my personal collection.

You are going to have two basic types of storage; one for when you are regularly driving the car (likely spring and summer, perhaps autumn) and one for when you are not driving the car (likely winter).

Warm Weather/Driving Season Storage

During your driving months, aside from regular cleanings and whatever maintenance they need, simply keeping your cars indoors while not in use and covering them with a cover designed for make and model should be enough to keep them in top shape.

Extreme heat should be avoided during the summer months. I also like to avoid parking the cars in direct sunlight as much as possible. Remember heat and sunlight are the enemy of delicate interiors, so parking your cars in the shade and covering them whenever possible is highly desirable.

Cold Weather/Non-driving Storage

During non-driving months, opting for an indoor space is ideal, particularly in climates with very cold weather. If you can find a space with a concrete floor, so much the better. If a dirt floor is the only option, putting down either plastic or pieces of carpet underneath will go a long way, keeping critters from hibernating in your car. They find great delight in chewing wiring harnesses and ultimately wiring which can get very expensive.


Lastly, a secure garage is best for your collection, no matter what the weather. The space doesn’t have to be what a realtor would consider a garage, but a space that locks is always ideal. Some insurance policies require them. Security cameras are also an excellent idea. There are easy to install camera sets for a few hundred dollars that I’d highly recommend. I’ve known people who’ve managed to keep their collection safe from all kinds of harm, because they are able to keep an eye on them. And at the end of the day, while insurance is a great comfort, I’d rather have my cars than a check.


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