There Are Ten Thousand Cats Named Schroedinger by Jim Bowden

Today a story from one of our favorite authors, Jim Bowden. Enjoy! Perhaps he was slumming a bit when he went to the Mensa meeting but he was in between wives, as they say, and thus he had nothing better to do with his Saturday evenings than had they. These were people who, like him, […]

Interview with Chris Cole of Artemis Capital

We at G.D. Herring think that anything Chris Cole of Artemis Capital has to say about risk is valuable. Let us know what you think in the comments, we can all learn from one another.

Long Volatility and Alternative Assets

Today’s post is a bit different than our typical content. But as a provider of insurance and information for your alternative assets, we think this conversation with Chris Cole of Artemis Capital Management is required listening. What Chris has to say is relevant not just to your equity and bond portfolio, but your entire life […]