Firearms As Legacy

The good people over at “Ask a Prepper” have put together some ideas and information about firearms to leave to our children. Some have financial value, some have sentimental value and there is the consideration of future accessibility. All things to consider as we work towards our best lives now, and at the same time […]

The Luxury Migration

There has been an uptick in luxury market activity from the recent pandemic More buyers are moving from dense urban areas to remote areas than ever before Luxury buyers are demanding amenities like finished outdoor spaces and fast, reliable internet service – luxury homes without these may not sell This summer just keeps getting hotter […]

Creating Value with Your Backyard Living Space

Our homes may be our castles, but our yards can create a personal oasis Your yard first and foremost reflects your personality and style Creating your outdoor “dreamspace” will give you and your loved ones hours of enjoyment, while adding value when it comes time to sell Independence Day is here. Many people will be […]

Maintaining Your Oriental Carpet: Vacuuming

Oriental rugs need regular vacuuming Care must be taken with the vacuum or it can destroy the rug When damage is done with a vacuum, it’s best to repair it immediately I have had a lot of clients ask me, “is it ok to clean my rugs at home with a vacuum?” My answer? Yes, […]

There Are Ten Thousand Cats Named Schroedinger by Jim Bowden

Today a story from one of our favorite authors, Jim Bowden. Enjoy! Perhaps he was slumming a bit when he went to the Mensa meeting but he was in between wives, as they say, and thus he had nothing better to do with his Saturday evenings than had they. These were people who, like him, […]

Interview with Chris Cole of Artemis Capital

We at G.D. Herring think that anything Chris Cole of Artemis Capital has to say about risk is valuable. Let us know what you think in the comments, we can all learn from one another.

Crypto Collectables?

We think this article from Decrypt describes a very interesting development in the universe of alternative assets.

Do I Need Special Insurance For My Classic Car?

In talking to people who are timid about purchasing a classic car, I’ve found most non-collectors are concerned about excessive insurance premiums. No one likes the idea of adding a car to their insurance policy. Another expense added, and on something you may never need. Honestly, I hope this will be your case, but in […]

Learning the Oriental Rug Market

When I started in this business, the Oriental rug business, I didn’t know the market. I didn’t know the prices. I knew a lot about rugs, about how they were made, but I didn’t know the value, how to price them. That was something I had to learn. My first few rugs, I didn’t make […]

What Kind of Classic Car Should I buy?

Last week, we discussed options on where to buy classic cars. This week, let’s talk about another question I get all the time;  what type of classic cars to look for should you hear the all-consuming siren song to buy one? There are a few things to consider when selecting a classic. I think the […]