Maintaining Your Oriental Rug: Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning poses one of the biggest challenges for rug owners, especially for people who have children or pets. Do you know what to do if a Coke spills on one of your rugs? Most people think to get a towel and start blotting it. This is actually the worst thing to do; blotting fabric, […]

How Oriental Rugs Are Made (Part 2)

Today we bring you the second of a two part series on how Oriental rugs are made from our favorite Oriental rug broker, Sam Ramazani of Sara’s Oriental Rugs. Last time we talked about how a weaver creating a pile rug works rows of knots, packing them together with a weft. As a row is […]

How Oriental Rugs Are Made (Part 1)

Today the beginning of a two part series on how Oriental rugs are made from our favorite Oriental rug broker, Sam Ramazani of Sara’s Oriental Rugs. Rugs are essentially three parts: the warp, the knots, and the weft. The warp is the rug foundation and can be made of wool, wool and silk, silk, or […]

Prayer Rugs

Rugs can be and are more than just comfort, decoration and a store of wealth. They can also be tools of our spiritual life. Consider the prayer rug. Many people have a misconception of what a prayer rug is, believing it to be a very small rug, perhaps two feet by three feet. In fact, […]

Buying Oriental Rugs Online

Can you buy rugs online? The short answer is “yes you can,” but in reality, it’s more complicated than that. There are three significant problems with buying a rug online. One is that you most likely won’t have a relationship with the dealer, which puts you at a distinct disadvantage. Another is that you can’t […]

The Value of Handmade Rugs

Oriental rugs are one of the few handcrafted furnishings being made today As fewer and fewer handmade rugs are produced, their value goes up These rugs can give families a way to both enjoy great beauty and protect wealth for future generations Handmade Oriental rugs are unique, one of kind creations of beauty. They are […]

Maintaining Your Oriental Carpet: The Rug Pad

Padding keeps your rugs from slipping, which keeps you safe Poor quality padding is a breeding ground for moths Not having padding on a hard floor can destroy your rugs Today I’m talking about something that a lot of people don’t give much consideration to when they purchase a rug – the rug pad. This […]

Cleaning Your Oriental Rugs

We are the stewards of handmade antique and semi antique Oriental rugs, and with thoughtful care they will outlive us. They can be gifted to our heirs and become part of a multigenerational family legacy when we pass. These rugs are truly works of art and must be treated as such. Preserving these treasures requires […]