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Classic Car Corner is a conversation about classic cars and the automotive experience. Join Jason Paynter, with co-hosts John Lockhart, and Eric Bensel and their special guests every week as they explore the world of classic cars. Why they love them, what they collect and how they enjoy them, including history, trivia and esoteric knowledge coming from decades of experience with these treasures. Both heartwarming and humorous, come in and enjoy the conversation!

Classic Car Corner


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The 1969 Lincoln Continental, Featuring Suicide Doors with Rob Carothers

The most wanted Lincoln Continental, a rare beauty and beast, and yes the rear doors open backwards! In this episode, Rob Carothers tells us how he acquired it, what makes it special and desired, and how much fun comes with a unique collectable like this classic. And this one is for sale! Contact Rob for more information on how to own this pristine machine.

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Welcome to the Duesenberg Cord Auburn Museum with Sam Grate

The Corner welcomes class and sophistication as we turn back time and discuss the classics at the Duesenberg Cord Auburn Museum with Sam Grate. The Duesenberg Cord Museum is located in Auburn, IN and we guarantee you will want to make a visit after listening to our conversation with Sam!

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Attending a Car Show

Spring is knocking on our doors and, naturally our thoughts turn to Car Shows! We are hoping to see a few more this year, hopefully starting within the next couple of weeks. In my area around Louisville, KY, every year brings countless opportunities to attend…

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