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Classic Car Corner is a conversation about classic cars and the automotive experience. Join Jason Paynter, with co-hosts John Lockhart, and Eric Bensel and their special guests every week as they explore the world of classic cars. Why they love them, what they collect and how they enjoy them, including history, trivia and esoteric knowledge coming from decades of experience with these treasures. Both heartwarming and humorous, come in and enjoy the conversation!

Classic Car Corner


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The Honda Type R Civic with Lauren and Nick Terrell!

What a show for you New Year’s Day! Classic Car Corner rings in 2022 with Lauren and Nick Terrell. There are Honda Civics, and then there are Honda Type R Civics which prove a completely different beast under the hood. Packing 306 horsepower and a six speed manual shift assisted by an unapparent turbo lag turbocharged transverse 4 cylinder, this is a unique car to say the least. With front wheel drive, yet no torque steer detected from sudden acceleration, the Type R can hit 169 mph. And wait until you hear what Lauren has to say about the “Rev Match!” Listen in and enjoy the ride! And a happy and prosperous 2022 to you from all of us in The Corner!!

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The Classic Car Corner Origin Story with Tim Hatzell!

A special episode for Christmas Day 2021! This week our friend Tim Hatzell visits The Corner, but as a host instead of a guest. Tim turns the tables on our host Jason Paynter to learn about how Classic Car Corner got started. The guys also dig into Jason’s love of cars, his car memorabilia collection and so much more. Please join us for this lively conversation all about how CCC came to be. And a very Merry Christmas to you and yours from all of us here!

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The Lotus Evora 400 with Randy Bowman

Meet Randy Bowman, owner of a 2017 Lotus Evora 400, called “the fastest Lotus road car of the New Millennium” by the manufacturer. Known for its light weight and handling, this British built car that features a 3.5L V6 Toyota engine is also equipped with a stock Edelbrock supercharger packing 400 horsepower. Join the guys in The Corner chatting with Randy about the origin of this elite car’s name, what it’s like to handle, and whether or not Randy has hit the Evora’s reported top speed of 186 mph. This is a fun conversation about an even funner (yeah, we said it!) car. Do not miss it!!

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All About the Car Show Community with George Adams!

The Corner is thrilled to welcome back one of our first guests to the show, George Adams! George is a wealth of car collecting knowledge and stories. This episode, we talk about the car show community. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to attend a car show, this episode will give you insights into that special world full of car-noisseurs and their treasures!

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Listener Q&A with Our Friend Tim Hatzell!

What a show! This week, friend of The Corner Tim Hatzell is back with an all-new episode. Listen in as Tim and Jason field questions from our listener base. You’ll get their best advice on what to look for when buying a classic car, tips on winterizing your classic, how to start up a classic after a long time of going un-driven and more! Listen in to learn a ton!!

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A Replica Family Truckster with The Griswolds (Steve & Lisa, not Clark & Helen!)

Meet the Griswold’s, a Georgia family who decided to live up to their  name with the iconic Family Truckster. Listen in to their story of how it was acquired, reconstructed, and where it’s taken them, along with how they met their big screen namesake, Chevy Chase. They’ve turned some heads, had a few break downs, and have revisited some  historic sights from the movie with their Metallic Pea Green Beaut. It  was such a thrill to talk with a real life Griswold family!

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