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Classic Car Corner is a conversation about classic cars and the automotive experience. Join Jason Paynter, with co-hosts John Lockhart, and Eric Bensel and their special guests every week as they explore the world of classic cars. Why they love them, what they collect and how they enjoy them, including history, trivia and esoteric knowledge coming from decades of experience with these treasures. Both heartwarming and humorous, come in and enjoy the conversation!

Classic Car Corner


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A Revist with Paul Broughton!

What a treat! We are lucky and pleased to have Paul Broughton visit the corner once again!! If you enjoyed our conversation with Paul delving into his collection of 1988 BMWs, tune in to part two where he goes deep with Jason about his celebrity car-owner meeting at Pebble Beach that led to a friendship with one of the best-known car enthusiasts of the last two centuries, and more about his work history that includes incredible stints at Uniroyal and General Motors.

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Detailing Your Ride with Chris Gilbert!

We know you want to keep your classics looking their best and this week we have a great resource for doing just that! The guys visit with Chris Gilbert of Gilbert Auto Detail and talk all things detailing! They talk swirl removal, ceramic coating, what sponges to use when maintaining your detail…and, we find out what Chris thinks of undercoating! Join the fun of this conversation and learn along with Jason, John and Eric – not to be missed!

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Shag Arrington from Iron Resurrection!

Man oh man do we have something special for you! Straight from the enormously popular MotorTrend show “Iron Resurrection,” Shag Arrington is this week’s guest. Listen in as the guys learn what cars give Shag second thoughts when it comes to rebuilding for the show, what cars he won’t consider rebuilding (and why), and do a deep dive into the ’64 Shagillac. A great drive with one of the most entertaining guys in the car world today, do not miss!

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The Buick Grand National with Andrew Scott

What’s a Buick Grand National? Glad you asked! This week’s guest Andrew Scott is going to tell us all about these rare machines, including what really lies under the hood of one, the difference between the GN and the GNX, and what one will fetch at auction (hint, it’s going to take a bit more than the average second mortgage!). Join the conversation and learn all about these singular, beautiful and eclectic motor vehicles!

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The Cause of the Current Auto Inventory Shortage with Jeff Hoon

If you’ve tried to purchase a car lately, you may be wondering what’s causing the current inventory shortage. Today one of our favorite guests Jeff Hoon returns to the show to talk to host Jason Paynter about what’s causing this tightening in the availability of cars. The guys talk about what specifically is causing this backup, how we got into this situation and the impact of the shortage on the sales process, as well as how car salespeople are adapting to reach their target customer satisfaction. Join us for a great and very timely show!

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The Custom Built Electric Beast Is Back! Part 2 with ECD Automotive Design

The Land Rover Defender is a beautiful vehicle with a vast historical  past. Its history, purpose, and character are part of the reason ECD Automotive Design has dedicated itself to fully restoring them from the  ground up. This week we’re joined once again by two of ECD’s team, Elliot Humble and Scott Wallace to talk about their new UK facility, sourcing for their Defender rebuilds, what they’ve done as a company to expedite the build process, and the impact of the pandemic on their business. Listen in for a fascinating show!

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